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What is currently happening on site?

The latest update for progress at Brightwells Yard can be found on our ‘News’ page.

Marlborough Head Pub

Works are underway to restore the Marlborough Head Pub building. Hoarding and scaffolding will soon be erected to allow for works to progress. The scaffolding will reach a little over the pavement on East Street, but there will be a clear walkway for pedestrians with extra lighting installed along the hoarding.
The traditional look of the building is being protected, with the front and side facades to be retained. The roof is being removed to be surveyed and will be preserved where possible, while the inside of the building will later be reconfigured to create new commercial premises.

Utility works

Works will continue on the foul sewer diversion running through the site in coming weeks. Overpumping has been installed to enable this work, allowing for the ‘live’ sewers to be worked on for the sewer upgrade required with the new development.

Site compound

When the above utility works are complete in September, Crest will be creating their main site compound which will house the site office, canteen and meeting rooms. A temporary compound is currently located next to the bridge from the A31.

Sheet piling works

To create the basement foundations, sheet piles need to be installed to support the surrounding ground. Whilst the machine used for this is relatively quiet, some vibrations can be felt whilst the works take place. Most of the sheet pile temporary works have now been completed, but there are still small sections to complete.

Crest has monitoring stations in three locations around site, to check noise and vibration levels, and results from these checks are shared every month with Waverley Borough Council and their Environmental Health team.

What impact will the development have on parking in Farnham?

When complete, Brightwells Yard will provide a new multi-storey car park and 400 new car parking spaces, with 239 set aside for residents and 187 for visitors. There will also be a total of 18 new electric charging points within the public car park area and 48 for residents.

We will be creating three new car club spaces next to M&S Food and two in the new car park to encourage the use of car clubs locally, as well as new cycle parking spaces across the development.

In the meantime, Waverley Borough Council has provided extended parking at Riverside 2 and 3 (Mike Hawthorn Way, GU9 7UQ) and South Street Car Park has also benefited from five new disabled parking spaces.

Waverley Borough Council has confirmed that parking throughout the site has been underused in the past, and even with the closure of the former Dogflud Car Park (which makes up part of the site), parking at South Street is still only 55% full.

For full, current information on the car parks in Farnham, visit:

What impact will the development have on traffic in the town centre?

Brightwells Yard includes some highways works, which have been agreed with Surrey County Council as the highway authority, in order to minimise congestion in the town centre.

For full information on these works, visit our ‘Roadworks’ page.

Why has the bridge been built?

A temporary bridge has been built to allow construction traffic for the development to enter the site directly from the A31, without travelling through Farnham Town Centre. The bridge continues to reduce disruption from approximately 40 construction vehicles a day, preventing any extra increase to traffic in the Town Centre.

Brightwells Yard will be completed and opened in phases from north to south, working down towards to bridge.

Unfortunately, the design of Brightwells Yard – along with this phased opening – means that there is not a clear route across the site for construction traffic at the Woolmead development, so this traffic will continue to use town centre roads.

When Brightwells Yard is complete, the bridge will be removed and a permanent new footbridge will be built nearby.

Which retailers are signed up?

Current retailers legally committed to Brightwells Yard are Marks & Spencer Simply Food, Ask, Seasalt and Reel Cinemas.

Given the early phase of the development, this is an ordinary level of lettings, and Crest Nicholson will be using the successful marketing strategy they have used on commercial aspects of many developments elsewhere to fill the units over time.

What are the Section 106 contributions for the development?

A Section 106 is a legal agreement between the developer and the planning authority, which is Waverley Borough Council, and aims to mitigate the impact of a new development on the existing community. Crest Nicholson has contributed in excess of £3 million towards infrastructure and community assets through this agreement, including:

  • £100,000 towards traffic reduction in the town centre
  • £275,000 for the County Council’s park and stride scheme
  • £47,000 for travel vouchers or cycle provision
  • £64,000 for the provision of CCTV Security
  • £100,000 for the provision of new public art
  • £322,000 towards new sport and leisure experiences
  • £751,000 to fund the delivery of education in Farnham
  • £35,000 to support the future of library provision in Farnham
  • £474,000 to enhance the green space and open up the natural environment
  • £800,000 towards the refurbished Memorial Hall and restoration of the Grade II listed Brightwell House

When will Brightwells Yard be completed?

The whole development will be completed in 2022, but it will be opened in phases from spring 2021:

  • The retail centre, including Marks and Spencer Simply Food, and the new public square will take place from spring 2021
  • Reel Cinema will be finished in summer 2021
  • Between the spring of 2021 and spring of 2022, the residential units will be complete

Will there an impact on local business?

Businesses across Farnham Town Centre – including those on Cambridge Place, East Street and the leisure centre – will remain open throughout the construction of Brightwells Yard, so the development should not have an impact throughout the build period.

When completed, we hope that Brightwells Yard will bring more people into the town centre, with new businesses coming to the town and complimenting the current retail and leisure offer to improve the overall visitor experience.

Does Brightwells Yard include the Woolmead?

Brightwells Yard is being developed by Crest Nicholson and is separate to the nearby Woolmead development, which is led by Berkeley Homes – with the two sites separated by East Street.

Due to the links between the works, the project teams come together every month with Surrey County Council to ensure a consistent partnership approach.

If you would like to access the relevant planning applications for either scheme, please visit

Is there any affordable housing at Brightwells Yard?

72 shared ownership homes will be built at Brightwells Yard, giving a total of 30 percent affordable housing delivered by Crest Nicholson for Thames Valley Housing Association.

Shared ownership will provide first time buyers with the opportunity to buy locally while the remaining homes will be for open market sale.

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