Crest Nicholson attended the Farnham Chamber of Commerce’s networking event at The Castle Inn on 4th June 2019 to talk to local businesses about progress on Brightwells Yard, while Berkeley Homes also attended to discuss the Woolmead development.

The developers gave updates on their Central Farnham developments, emphasizing their shared aim for construction works to be as discreet as possible to prevent a build-up of traffic and other major disruption to local people.

The event was a chance for local businesses to ask questions and discuss their concerns, such as how Crest Nicholson will ensure the project is developed in the community’s best interests and preserves Farnham’s unique character.

Tim Jones, Development Director for Crest Nicholson, said:

“We welcomed the opportunity to talk to local businesses about Brightwells Yard, which poses an exciting and unique opportunity for Farnham. The new commercial offer together with housing, public space and community art will bring a new lease of life to the town centre.”

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