The weather in February caused some delays to our works on site. The high winds in particular meant that the final enabling works at the Marlborough Head took longer than expected. This means that our steel structuring work will begin around mid March instead.

We have installed scaffolding around our commercial units by the Sainsbury’s car park so that we can continue with brickwork. The basement slabs of our residential blocks towards the south of the site have been completed, which means we can move onto construction of the concrete frame for the parking levels.

At the north of the site, close to East Street, we have completed the frame for our commercial units. We can now move on to the construction of the concrete frame for the residential above.

The basement for the Reel Cinema block has been finished, with work continuing on the multi-storey car park up to the third floor.

Surveys are still taking place on Brightwells House in partnership with Waverley Borough Council.

Our frame and floor is in place for the M&S unit, and we have moved above to begin the first floor residential works.

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